The Discovery

It started when we invented a water filtration system to help solve the world’s freshwater problems. To our surprise, we found it could also make highly pure water (99.999+% purity). This got us thinking. Highly pure water absorbs everything… if we added electrolytes would they be absorbed more efficiently for better hydration?

We got lucky. It worked!

The Science

Before industrialization, freshwater came from evaporation (highly pure water vapor), which condensed into clouds then fell to Earth as rain. It flowed into rivers or went underground where it absorbed minerals from rocks andsoil. This was the kind of water humans consumed for thousands of years. But today, that water can absorb chemical pollutants from the air and soil. No water is pure.

True Hydration™ borrows from nature's ancient recipe. We start with highly pure water (99.999+% purity). We add minerals your body needs (potassium, magnesium, chloride, and calcium).12 Then we put it in cans for you to enjoy, which beats drinking from a river.

99.999+% pure water • zero sodium • zero sugar

Everything for intracellular hydration

  • The right osmolality (200)
  • The right electrolytes
  • The right transport agent
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