Benefits of hydration

The benefits of hydration range from softer, smoother skin to better-lubricated joints6. A recent study even suggests that poor hydration may be linked to premature aging and chronic disease1. Clearly, it’s important to be properly hydrated.

Diabetes and hypertension

For people with hypertension and/or diabetes, staying hydrated is critical… and challenging. They must take sodium and sugar in moderation, but most hydration drinks contain large amounts of both. But True Hydration™ contains zero sugar and zero sodium, making it a great choice.

Overall wellness

A recent study in The Lancet indicated that people with long-term mild dehydration are at greater risk for premature aging, developing chronic diseases, and maybe even have a shorter lifespan. The importance of proper hydration can't be overstated.1 True Hydration provides hydration at the cellular level (intracellular) making it a valuable tool in a healthy lifestyle


Dehydration can cause dry skin, which can lead to wrinkles and long-term damage.6 Topical solutions provide short-term relief and only help the areas they are applied. Whole-skin moisturization starts with proper hydration.


Exercise can dehydrate the body which can promote muscle cramps. Proper hydration may help prevent muscle cramps16

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